Course Overview

This course provides materials needed to plan and conduct sessions to train educators in the development of learning resources for online teaching.

Learning Outcomes

The learner will be able to:
- develop learning resources for online teaching
- develop student guide
- perform online courses evaluation


About this Facilitator's Guide
• Workshop overview
• Getting around this Facilitator's Guide
• Before the workshop
• Modules

    ◦ Module 1: Principles of Open and Distance Learning
    ◦ Module 2: Instructional Design Models
    ◦ Module 3: Needs Analysis
    ◦ Module 4: Developing a Learner Profile
    ◦ Module 5: Methods of Delivery (including learner support)
    ◦ Module 6: Developing Content for Open and Distance Learning
    ◦ Module 7: Assessment in ODL
    ◦ Module 8: Developing a Student Guide
    ◦ Module 9: Relevant Technologies
    ◦ Module 10: Course Evaluation
    ◦ Module 11: Other Key Issues Associated with ODL Material Development